The journey of Vastu shastra tips

In our rat race routines, we are so bound to our work that we do not realise how our surroundings influence our working and personal lives. The traditional Vastu Shastra system of architecture and buildings is prevalent in Hindu community intended to design various parts of the structure with knowledge of concepts of models as per ancient beliefs to bring happiness, wealth and prosperity in social and business life. This art helps to keep us safe from negative energies and works let inflow of auspicious and positivity across the areas of education, health, children, and relationships thus maintain stability in overall life through balancing the 5 elements of environment which are water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space.
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Principles of vastu also involve space arrangement such as the seating arrangement in living room should be such that person seated facing towards north or east directions only and prayer room should be kept in northeast and other principles as wash the floors with sea salt mixed in water is also a good remedy to dispel negative energy hence rectifies defects. Vastu as a branch of Indian Astrology unifies astrology says when sleeping your head should be in South and the legs towards north for a sound and quiet sleep. You should never point your head in Northern direction as it is harmful for health and may cause bad health, nightmares and insomnia. Also it is auspicious to have a basil plant in front of your house to the main entrance.


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