Get to know a successful business and personal name

Just as your namerepresents your traits and achievement on an individual level, the same way business name also have an effect on how winning it becomes. If your business has already been provided name but you haven’t got the success you dream of, then alternative name as per numerology can bring huge victory ahead. You would require picking a name that vibrates well with your own lucky numbers and your name. This name needs to have great influential liveliness toopen up more horizons. You should know only that business which best suits you! Business Numerology is about choosing the most excellent suitable name for the business. It is rightly said that the globe is rely on the rule of numbers. Your business name depicts a commanding energy frequency that can result huge hit. The letters and words that formulate the name of your business can establish the auspicious fortune of your business deals. Through the use of mathematical theory and lucky number study, your business can draw lea…

Retrieve your lost love back

Love is an amazing part of life journey that makes you a real person. When in love, people go through different life phases and experience unexpected things. Some couples in relationships feel lucky about their experiences as they learn so many stuffs while others feel overwhelmed with frustration. Over the years, a person starts to realize that love is the only way to conquer over every issue of life. It is the happiness of being closer and intimacy when a person being in true love with that special one and not capable to sense the same with anyone else. Love brings two souls together which is by far the most remarkable feeling in the world. There is no age for real love as it may happen at any time. Love at first sight can leave you spellbound or fascinated by his/her appearance or style. That cause the heart to beat faster when you take a glimpse of that person you are in love with. But people are often left heartbroken if they find out their loved ones cheating on them. There are …

The journey of Vastu shastra tips

In our rat race routines, we are so bound to our work that we do not realise how our surroundings influence our working and personal lives. The traditional Vastu Shastra system of architecture and buildings is prevalent in Hindu community intended to design various parts of the structure with knowledge of concepts of models as per ancient beliefs to bring happiness, wealth and prosperity in social and business life. This art helps to keep us safe from negative energies and works let inflow of auspicious and positivity across the areas of education, health, children, and relationships thus maintain stability in overall life through balancing the 5 elements of environment which are water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space.

Principles of vastu also involve space arrangement such as the seating arrangement in living room should be such that person seated facing towards north or east directions only and prayer room should be kept in northeast and other principles as wash the floors with sea salt …